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Hoe does BlueSpecialists work?

Experts with grant experience can apply here without obligation. We would like to receive the following information when applying:

We will contact you to schedule an introductory meeting. We can meet at one of our six locations, so we are always nearby.

The process from start to finish


Step 1. Apply: leave your information and resume here.

Step 2. Introduction: we would like to get to know you personally.

Step 3. Grant projects: work with us on projects you're good at.

Step 4. Make impact: make real impact!

Common questions

Thanks to your knowledge, expertise and commitment, more projects can be realized; from accelerating digitalization to combating housing shortage and climate change. Together we work on Europe's finest projects and make a difference.

Signing up and becoming a member is free and without obligation. We work on an hourly basis, per assignment. Hourly fees we agree upon together. We provide customization per project!

Assignments vary per client and sector. Do you prefer to focus entirely on a research project at an academic institution? Or are you interested in both sustainability and ICT? There are many assignments with a cross-sectoral aspect. We do grant projects at every level: regional, national and European.

You have the freedom to choose which client(s) you will be working for; from companies, to governments and knowledge institutions. Think of SMEs or start-ups, universities and hospitals or ministries and provinces. Our client portfolio is growing by the day. As a result, there is a lot of variation in clients.

No risk

Signing up is without obligation, so you're not at any risk.

Choose your projects

Indicate your preference and decide which projects you want to do.

Broaden your network

Become part of the Hezelburcht network.

Follow your own schedule

As a flexible worker, you decide when you have time.

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