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BlueSpecialists is an initiative of The Hezelburcht Group. We are a group of companies with more than 175 grant and funding specialists. Our ambitions are big, as are the ambitions of our clients. The countless projects that make the world a better place deserve to be realized. To make that happen we can use all the help that we can get! So, do you have experience with applying for grants? And would you like to contribute to the most beautiful projects in Europe? Then sign up for an introduction!

Why BlueSpecialists?

The Hezelburcht Group is a market leader in grant support in the Netherlands since 1995. Thanks to our leading position and high quality services, we receive more and more requests of great organizations all over Europe. In addition, grant programmes and their deadlines cause for peak moments in our work. Therefore, we can always use extra (interim) colleagues. This means we are looking for you! After all, we are eager to realize all the beautiful and innovative projects that make the world a better place.

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"As an external on the Hezelburcht team, you are quickly taken in by the warm, friendly colleagues. It is very nice to take on something together with a team of professionals and always be able to fall back on the experiences of others on the team. The teammates are pleasant sparring partners to work with on Hezelburcht clients' assignments. "

Maarten Flikkema

Maarten Flikkema

Innovation Consultant

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BlueSpecialists B.V. is part of The Hezelburcht Group.


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Why BlueSpecialists?